Oliver Clarke


I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate within mathematics at the University of Edinburgh working with Dimitra Kosta and funded by the Royal Society grant PUMAS. My general area of research is  combinatorial commutative algebra with applications to algebraic geometry and algebraic statistics.  Here is my CV.

Between May and December 2022, I was a JSPS short-term postdoctoral fellow (see FY 2020-2021 program) working with Akihiro Higashitani at Osaka University.

I received my PhD from the Unviersity of Bristol in 2022. My PhD supervisor was Fatemeh Mohammadi and my non-academic supervisor at Bristol was Jeremy Rickard.


Research Topics

My research is about understanding the interconnections between algebra, combinatorics, and geometry, and their applications. Below is a list of topics featured in some of my recent research:

2023 Copenhagen Half Marathon